Tips for a clean and well-maintained bed

1:Well-kept, clean and hygienic mattress

In the morning, wake up after getting up the duvet, so that mattress and duvet can vent quickly. Make sure that your mattress or your bed system is well ventilated from below so that mold cannot form.

To clean the mattress, we recommend vacuuming with the vacuum cleaner (low suction force). Use a mild detergent and a soft brush to clean the mattress more thoroughly and give it a fresh scent. Some mattresses also have a washable cover. It is recommended to wash this twice a year.

The once very popular knocking out of the mattress should be avoided if you own a horsehair mattress or natural fiber mattress. When knocking it can cause damage in such mattresses inside.

2: Light and airy down and feather bedding

Pillows and comforters filled with down or feathers cause clumping now and then. To break up these clumps, simply open the seam a few inches and use a hair dryer to blow cold air inside the pillow or blanket.

If you have washed down pillows or duvets for thorough cleaning in the washing machine, then put one or two tennis balls in the tumble dryer. The tennis balls ensure that the downs dissolve during drying and pillows or blankets become fluffy again.

Even with proper care and regular ventilation, duvets and down duvets should not be used for more than 8 years. In this context, also an indication of the life of blankets with brand fiber fillings: Here, an exchange should take place after 6 to a maximum of 8 years. Sheepskin wool duvets often retain their impeccable appearance for a long time.

3: Free of mites through the night

Mattresses are popular places of dust mites, as they feed with preference from the dead skin dander. The mites are harmless to healthy people, but cause massive disgust, if you look at these arachnids under the microscope.

To keep the nasty little cuddlers out of the bedroom, the room temperature should not be above 18 degrees and the humidity should be below 50 percent. Furthermore, the use of a mite-proof mattress cover is recommended. Know when to buy a mattress on sale.